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Travel can be much more than simply visiting places, taking pictures and buying souvenirs. When executed mindfully, and with the minimum impact, travel can inspire cultural awareness, tolerance, and commitment to environmental responsibility.
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Tingtibi bird festival in October

A feathered friends fest to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the.... view details

Bhutan tours
Bhutan cultural tour
Cultural tours are an excellent tour option if your goal is to gain a well-rounded perspective of Bhutan’s traditions and history. Bhutan’s ancient traditions and culture are still practiced and present today. You will gain insight into the unique Bhutanese culture as you visit the ancient fortresses (Dzongs,) the old monasteries, the simple farmhouses, and other historic landmarks.
Bhutan Festival tour
Festivals are an important part of Bhutanese culture and tradition. The Tshechu is the most well-known Bhutanese festival. This festival is one of the largest tourist attractions in Bhutan.Tshechu is the tenth day in Bhutanese calendar. These festivals are celebrated in the courtyards of the Dzongs (fortresses) in all the dzongkhags (districts). The Tshechu is held in honour of Guru Rinpochhe, who brought Mahayana Buddhism to Bhutan in the eighth century.
Bhutan trek
Bhutan druk path Trek
This is a 6 days Trek. This Trek starts from Paro, above the National Museum and ends in Thimphu passing some beautiful high altitude lakes. This route goes to High Altitude and is moderately strenuous. The highest point is 3800 Meters and it is a popular trek Route.
Bhutan snowman trek
The Lonely Planet describes the Snowman Trek as one of the most difficult treks of the world. Many groups that attempt this tough trek do not actually finish it due to problems with the high altitude or snow blocked passes. Therefore, the best time for the Snowman Trek – unlike the other high altitude treks of Bhutan – is in summer time. Still, those who make it will remember this trek as an outstanding beautiful and maybe as the most rewarding trek of their life.
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